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Parklands Archery Academy is a sporting section of Parklands Sports & Social Club. Between April and September Target archery is practiced outdoors on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Sunday afternoons. From October to March we have use of an indoor range at Parklands on the same days.

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About the club
Beginners Courses and Have-A-Goes
Parklands Archery Academy attends several community based activities through the year, country shows, galas and charity events. At these events, members of the public are offered the opportunity to try archery in a safe environment and under close supervision of experienced archers. The number of events attended depends on the number of requests received and the availability of club members to staff the event. These events are used to achieve several functions.
Raising the profile of the sport
Allowing people to try the sport
Opening up facilities of the club to potential members
Raising funds for clubs social activities
Helping others to raise money for their own worthwhile causes.
Beginners Courses are available for people who wish to try archery at a more in depth level. Courses consist of 4 three hour sessions and are held whenever demand warrants. During the course, rules and regulations, etiquette and safety are discussed as well as the different forms of archery and differing bow styles. Tuition is offered in Target Archery by second level experienced archers in a controlled environment. Everyone uses the clubs own equipment throughout the course and there is no obligation on anyone to join the club. The course costs 50 per person, which is payable in advance of the course start date.
If you are interested in attending a beginners course or would like further information please contact us, our details are at the bottom of the page.
A parent/guardian must accompany anyone between the ages of 8 and 18 years.

Club Membership
The club is registered with the national governing body, the Grand National Archery Society, and has its own shooting grounds approved by them. All club members are required to be registered with the governing body and abide by its rules.
GNAS fees are payable whenever you first join the club. Club members must affiliate to:
Grand National Archery Society (GNAS)
Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS)
Yorkshire Archery Association (YAA)
In order to use the facilities at Parklands you must also become a member of the Sports & Social club (single and family memberships are available in addition to concessions).

There is always someone available to give any advise on buying your own equipment and once you have it, it should last for years. Generally we do not advise anyone to buy their own equipment before attending the beginners course as a number of different factors will determine what type of equipment you will need. Everyone’s needs are different and you may find that you have bought something that is not suited to you.

We hold internal competitions as well as hosting open tournaments on the main sports field at Parklands. In addition to these events, club members travel to other clubs to represent both themselves individually in competitive archery. Entering these competitions is not essential and not all competitions are so formal. Several social events are organised throughout the year for club members. During these events there are often raffles, football cards or quizzes. Any proceeds from these events are put straight back into club funds.

Contact Us
If you have an interest in archery, want to know when the next Have-A-Go event is, have questions about beginners courses or want any further information about anything you have read here, please feel free to contact us.
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